Cuphead Steam free key download code

Cuphead Steam Redeem Code

Cuphead is a 2D sidescrolling platformer that distinguished itself through its hand-drawn animation art style. Mugman and Cuphead, two brothers who resemble a cup and a mug, are the game’s main characters. They share a small house on the Inkwell Islands with their elderly guardian.

Cuphead Steam free key download code

Cuphead Steam Unlock Key


How to get Cuphead code free

Launch Steam and login into your account.
From the top navigation bar, select “Games” and “Activate a Product on Steam.
Enter Cuphead key here and go through the wizard.
Go to your Steam game library, highlight the game, and click install.

Cuphead Steam free download code

Players control Cuphead and Mugman, diminutive Steamboat Willie-like characters who, with a finger-gun-like gesture, can shoot fluorescent bullets out of their hands at bizarre, incredibly detailed enemies. Despite the warnings, they go to the devil’s casino one evening and play dice with zeal. Following a string of victories, they are confronted by the establishment’s owner, who makes them an ostensibly very appealing offer. If they win again, the entire casino’s gold will be theirs; otherwise, the devil will take their souls. We move around the large hand-painted map of Inkwell, which is presented from a top-down perspective, during battle breaks. Here, we can fight bosses in any order we want, visit stores, and uncover a plethora of secrets.

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